Tom Donilon rugs it up

On Fox News Sunday, talking to Chris Wallace, Obama’s National Security Advisor cut a rug tapdancing around the question of what everyone was looking at in the iconic photo released by the Obamanistas.

There is no question that we were supposed to believe that this photo was of everyone in the room watching the operation go down. Obama’s steely glare, Hilary’s aghast covering her mouth. What we were supposed to think is that this is them watching Osama take a double tap to the head. What we’ve heard, from Leon Panetta, is that there’s a 25 minute gap in which there was no video. What Donilon tactily admitted by tapdancing is that these guys were all watching snow.

Maybe they still had audio. The only reason to believe that is Hilary’s reaction. She now says she was stifling a sneeze.

There are a lot of people on the Internet shopping the narrative that Obama got dragged out of a golf game and was just pissed, at getting dragged out and that his political fate was now hanging in the balance based on whether a sub rosa operation insubordinately masterminded by an Italian who obviously thinks that Obama is Fredo, was going to work.

Lucky for the little O, it did work.

Some Hassidic Jewish newspaper photoshopped out Hilary and a woman in the room. I am wondering whether Obama was photoshopped into that photo. Compared to Biden on the left and Big Military Guy on the right, Obama looks like Beetlejuice from the Howard Stern Show.

Regardless, this was the most macho photo they could find. Now it’s open to all kinds of interpretation.

Oh, and Tom Donilon lies like a rug.


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