Thanks, Barry!

Renewed my car insurance today–up $400 from last year. This is my wife’s and my car, a year older, a year cheaper shouldn’t it be?

WTF, please? I asked.

It’s all about medical.

My work insurance has gone to hell too. Way more costs.

Thanks, Obamacare!

I deleted several typical HLET paragraphs below this because I don’t want to make it harder for my lawyers to defend me.


Look up “present value” Obama you moron, on Wikipedia, you stupid big-eared pussy-whipped jackass, to figure out why everyone who works hard for a living is getting hugely screwed already even though your bullshit isn’t even in effect yet. It’s because smart people take your stupidity into account, you fucking asshole.

Oops, broke my don’t-swear rule.

Fuck you, Toonces.

UPDATE: It’s only up $200. I was wrong. It’s only 20+ percent because of Toonces.

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