Hands Off Our Medicare!

I want everyone chanting Hands Off Our Medicare! to die, sooner than later.

Seriously, with no exceptions, I want them dead.

To be clear, since maybe by now there are federal gubmint agents actually reading this blog instead of subpoena’ing me by search engine, I’m not expanding my HLET 2011 Killing Tour to include killing everyone who wants to get free medical care. Not yet. Plane tickets are hella expensive, and I don’t want to waste money on morons who’ve already expired by the time I get there.

But there are still tickets on sale for HLET2011KT, so you federale dumbasses might want to buy some tickets on StubHub. I’ll be opening for Steel Panther. I’ll be singing “Kill A Congresscritter for Christ” and “Capitol Hill Huntin’ Season” and “Ted Nugent Superstar.”  Real rock anthems.

Here’s why I hate Republicans. They’re still shuckin’ and jivin’ on the Medicare thing.

Here’s your elevator pitch, moron Republicans:

The choice is not keeping Medicare intact or changing it. The choice is changing Medicare or Medicare will suddenly, catastrophically fail earlier than everyone’s admitting, and lots of people will suddenly die.

There will be changes to Medicare. The only question is whether you will die suddenly from resisting change, when Medicare suddenly collapses, bitching about promises not kept as you go whining into that good night.

Or whether you’ll be a smart consumer who realizes that saving your life is not of infinite value to the rest of us. And you’ll try to bring down the cost of saving or prolonging your life.

You don’t get to choose to pay nothing and live forever. That’s what “Hands off our Medicare!” really means–I’d rather die than pay a penny. Good. Die. Asshole.

Gradually, then suddenly. That’s how systemic collapse works.

We’re in the suddenly phase now. Pay more or die. Personally, I hope you people with “Hands off my medicare!” signs keep refusing to pay more because I want you dead.


One Response to Hands Off Our Medicare!

  1. Llama John says:

    Did you see Paul Ryan’s video?


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