All apologies

Janeane Garofolo.

Joy Behar.

Baba Wawa.

What do they have in common besides being has-been harpies?

They’re defending Tony Weiner to the death. Why?

Even Nancy Pelosi, the queen of the flying monkey harpies, has abandoned Weiner. Because she has wrinkled botoxed skin in the game. She knows that if they don’t make Weiner sleep with the fishes soon, it will cost them elections.

But the three Bitches of Endor don’t have any accountability. They are the real faces of establishment feminism. Their message is that powerful men can rape, pillage, soil blue dresses or cyber-grope whoever they want +/- the 18 year old boundary as long as they protect our prerogatives. They are privileged feminist beasts.

The Weiner case is important because it’s a litmus test.

Garofolo, Behar and Walters are all eating shit sandwiches that taste of Weiner–that’s how much they care about political advantage and how little they care about powerful men preying on young girls.

Compare the venom of these three media whores toward Sarah Palin to their compassion for Tony Weiner. On purely feminist grounds, how do you explain them putting down that uppity bitch Palin while defending that pathetic wannabe fucker of young girls Weiner?

I’ll take a page out of their book to explain them. They’re not real women. Behar, Walters and Garaffolo are each and every one, a hater. Of real women. They are weird ideologues who put their weird ideas uber alles. Feminazi isn’t too far away from describing them. They side with powerful men who they think can advance them, regardless of what those men do to other women.



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