The Republican Party is the Enemy

The fact that Mitt Romney is even taken seriously proves it.

When Boehner caves on the debt ceiling, I will take that as a starting gun. I will do everything I can to destroy the Republican Party. Shit not one do I give about whether Obama gets re-elected. I’m worried about unhobbling us from the corrupt, vile Republicans who offer us false hope that they will do something serious to put the brakes on.

It’s not the Democrats we have to worry about. They’re just useless idiots. It’s the unprincipled or co-opted douchebags like Romney and Huntsman and Pawlenty and Gingrich we must jettison.

Seriously, people, think about this–the meme that Obama for 4 more years is the worst thing that could happen to us is Republican establishment BS. Status quo for 4 more years is the worst thing. At least Obama is trying to derail the system instead of smoothly speeding toward the cliff. I’d rather crash than regretfully sail into the abyss. The Republican Party has ignored and thwarted us since last November.

tick tock, you bawling bitch Boehner.


UPDATE 2016: I got fully on-board with the Romney candidacy and got nothing as usual. Now, I’m fully on-board with Trump.

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