$130 trillion isn’t a lot of money, just like a herd of 130 trillion unicorns isn’t a lot of horses

Everybody I like who has a brain is using the fact that there’s $130 trillion in “unfunded liabilities” owed by various US state and federal gubmints as a “Holy Shit!” statistic.

In case you haven’t talked to one of my friends, what this means is that various USA governments have promised $130 trillion in pension and health care payouts. They decided that these promises would be easy to keep as long as they depended on the miracle of 8% a year compounded interest on funds they raided annually, replacing the set-asides with “assets” like T-Bills and state government bonds. Christ, if I were that smart, I’d have invested in my credit card balances.

So here’s the thing: nobody’s going to ever pay that $130 trillion. All the teachers and bus drivers and DMV workers and GS-7’s and even retired Congressmen are going to get JACK SHIT.

Your pensions will turn to ZERO. The gubmint won’t pay for your health care the rest of your life. Unless you have savings independent of government promises, you will be INDIGENT. And, even if you have such savings, they will all be eaten by your fellow fiscal zombies unless you move those savings out of US government-dependent assets.

You won’t die in a nursing home because your kids won’t be able to afford to put you in one. You’ll work in fast food till you break a hip, and then you’ll be dead a few months later, at home, surrounded by loved ones who will breathe a guilty sigh of relief that they don’t have to listen to you bitch anymore about how you got screwed by the gubmint and you’d live forever if the gubmint would just buy you a new bionic ass, which, look at this, is supposed to be covered by Medicare.

Hear me now and believe me later:

The system is going to collapse. Never, not once, ever ever in human history has this collapse not happened and America is not exceptional in this respect. Violence is coming. I don’t know how much or who will do it, but it’s coming. Look at every disaster movie you’ve ever seen, with people climbing over each other to survive, and that’s what’s coming to America.

Stupid liberals (sorry, that’s a redundant adjective) have been saying for years, pinkie raised, Oh, Gosh, Muffy, what might happen if the welfare checks stopped? Poor people might descend on the Hamptons! A horde of retired gubmint workers are about to get their pension checks stopped and their health care cards cut in half. Oh, Gosh, Muffy….at least they’re OLD. It really will be like outrunning zombies.

Bottom line: a lot of people are going to die, quietly or violently. Right here in the good ‘ol USA.

It’s clear to me that the benefits of living in human society outweigh the costs, but only when you catch the wave at the right time. I can find no counter-example of any society in history that hasn’t had a bloody tide of mass murder and collapse eventually. When you give power to the people, eventually the people turn on themselves in an orgy of laziness, entitlement and eventual violent zombie civil war.

Lately, I’ve been trying to talk to a lot of people about common sense and economic education and just simple things. I’ve had zero successes except with people who were obviously already inclined to being reasonable. Today, I tried talking to a friend about why fracking doesn’t pollute groundwater. She doesn’t really give a shit. She drove off in her Cadillac. I’m not joking, she drives a recent year Cadillac. She believes in alternative medicine New Age shit that I don’t even know what it is because my eyes involuntarily glaze over, and she says the reason that we don’t get this fixed is because people won’t make hard choices (seriously, I was like, well you could ride the bus and put your bike on the front, but that’s not feasible or sustainable but anyhow, bottom line–she won’t make a move unless Al Gore and everyone else all at once gives up their privileges, it’s like an even-dumber-than-a-Mexican-Standoff, with all these high-minded environmentalists going Why the fuck should I if you won’t, and where’s the next conference?).

(Yeah, that paragraph above about Mexicans–it was racist. I’m sorry. I should have said even-dumber-than-a-Mexican-Government-Standoff.)


It’s over.

Every one of you sad little bitches who have put your faith in government paying you are going to have the rug pulled out from under you. Your pensions, your healthcare are not going to be there.

You know how much $130 trillion is? It’s twice current world GDP. No. Way. In. Fucking. Hell. Are. You. Worth. That. Much. To. Anyone. But. You.


2 Responses to $130 trillion isn’t a lot of money, just like a herd of 130 trillion unicorns isn’t a lot of horses

  1. Llama John says:

    I read your post and this post (http://westernrifleshooters.wordpress.com/2011/07/11/lets-win-2/) on the same day. Definitely one of those things that make you say “hum”.

  2. Scipio says:

    Hey, everybody, head on over to the link Llama John posted above and download it before it gets taken down.

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