I love Cheaters. It s a TV show where they use hidden cameras to prove that someone is fucking around on someone and then they film the big fight that happens when someone gets to catch someone in the act.

In this week’s episode, this giant behemoth woman busted her boyfriend for banging another GBW. The thing that made my week was that the busted serial GBW-banger, in summer, pulled out a ski-mask from his pocket and had it over his face before they got to the parking lot. Nobody asked why he would have a ski-mask in his pocket in summer.

Bet you can’t guess what race the parties involved were.

Ok, bet you can.

Black people, seriously, you’re making it damn near impossible for the rest of us not to go, Whatever!

Hey, black people, almost all of you voted for Barack Obama last time, and almost all of you will this time. That’s like Patty Hearst voting for the Symbionise Liberation Army.

Get a fucking clue, brothers. Thomas Sowell, Basic Economics. Go to a bookstore. Stop being field hands for Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.





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