Government by Petulance

I’m totally gobsmacked at how Barack Obama has behaved his week.

That horrible harriden Nancy Pelosi and the other winged monkeys have tried hard to not let word get out, but they’ve failed.

Obama stamped his little foot and stormed out of meetings with Republicans. Obama said “eat your peas” while he flies AF1 to Williamsburg, 150 miles away from the White House for some kind of “economic summit.” He used his mommy voice and nobody listened.

Next to Al Gore the Big Fat Whore, Obama is the most Marie Antoinette little bitch I’ve ever seen in American politics. OK, that’s a little overstated. There’s John Edwards. Seriously, why are people worried about someone shooting Casey Anthony but not worried about John Edwards’ safety? If I had a bullet to spare, I’d put it in Edwards and bang Casey in a club bathroom. And marry Prince William.

Oh, yeah, that reminds me, while I’m making death threats:

The ACLU has fired back at the gubmint with an AWESOME response about the Fedrul gubmint trying to subpeena my eydentittee. If you haven’t been following this blog, and except for about 7 people, nobody has, WordPress got subeena’ed by Congress to reveal my meatspace identity because I’d allegedly threatened to kill Republican piece of shit congressman Thad Cochran of Mississippi.

Of course, I hadn’t threatened his actual life. But, to be clear, I hope Thad Cochran dies, soon, horribly, painfully. I will throw a party when Thad kicks the bucket. As an atheist, I pray every day for God to kill Thad. I hope he slips in the bathtub. I hope a horse kicks him in the face. I hope he slips on the soap in the Congressional shower and gets raped to death by Barney Frank.

Anyhow, Obama lost it this week. He won’t get re-elected. With his big ears quivering, he went full-on Urkel.

B’bye, Barack!

One Response to Government by Petulance

  1. hmmm says:

    Really, there’s just 7 of us?

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