Shared Sacrifice

Barack Toonces is saying we must have “shared sacrifice.”

I didn’t realize I was in his target “sacrifice” demographic until I had to fill out my taxes this year. Seriously, I had no idea we made that much money. Because we pay our bills and live in a 40 year old house and have no debts but the house and we work like hell all the time. Funny how doing that for 30 years will put you into Barack’s crosshairs.

Barack, that lazy millionaire best-selling Bill Ayers-ghostwriting bitch, with his $300k a year beast of a wife with her featherbead job, is fine with people like me paying more taxes.

I’m not. I’ve sacrificed enough.

My 401K has dropped by half. My house is worth 2/3 what is was when your stupid wife took office, Barack. You’ve wasted a trillion of my dollars keeping government employees on the payroll, calling it “stimulus.”

You’re disgusting, Barack and Michelle Antoinette. Money comes easy to you. Not to me, not to my wife. We’ve worked hard, learned real skills, not bullshit like community organizing and whatever the hell it was that Michelle did at that hospital, it sure as hell wasn’t medical, for her $300K a year.

Barack and Michelle are rich only because they’re pretty. Politically pretty.

It’s not enough to say I hate them. Hate isn’t strong enough.

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