Use the elderly for medical experiments

All you old fucks still thinking that if you just put your canes in your ears and go wah-wah-wah to drown out Paul Ryan–it ain’t gonna work, you’re going to die and Medicare ain’t going to pay.

It’s OVER.

The promises made to you by the US gubmint WON’T BE KEPT. You can bitch and moan all you want. You better get a real PLAN B.

You put your faith in government. You will die earlier than you needed to because of this mistake.

You didn’t give a shit about how much it might cost to keep you alive, and whether other people would be willing to pay that cost. You treated government like it was God. Like it was your Mom who would just take care of you no matter what. Not hardly. Your life is priceless only to you. You’ve shitten where you could have eaten.

If you vote based on “don’t touch my Medicare” I want you dead. Seriously. Smoke more. Die now. You’re a horrible human being. I’d smother you with a pillow if I weren’t so busy and there weren’t so many of you

Medicare is DEAD. Like you’ll be if you think it will still be there for you after the next 2 years.

It’s OVER.




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