Sympathy for the Devil

Amy Whinehouse is dead.

Boo. Fucking. Hoo.

Thousands of children die in Africa because rich Americans read Silent Spring and got all weepy about DDT, as weepy as they are now about poor Amy. Millions dead, but Amy could sing.

The same people are emotional about both, weepy about poor Amy, ignoring dead malaria babies.

Amy wasn’t tortured, she was a torturer. She abdicated all human decency thinking her talent could trump being a complete fucking asshole. All you liberal douchebags–She was much worse than Marie Antoinette. Your sympathy is political, not real.

I have zero sympathy for Amy.

There’s only so much sympathy you have to spend. Sympathy is not infinite, unless you’re a stupid dramatic liberal, and you just think it’s infinite.

On the scale of how many horrible tragedies happened today, where do you think an over-privileged, self-destructive, accidentally-talented lazy drug-sucking whore ranks?

At least a thousand four-year olds expired today from diarrhea, not being drunken sots with too much eye-makeup.

Even in the civilized world, teenage girls forced into prostitution died today from similar causes. But they couldn’t sing, and they weren’t celebrities, so fuck them.

If you are having a heart-throb sympathy jag about Amy Winehouse, I hate you. You’re about drama, not helping anybody. You fucking suck. I hope you die like Amy Winehouse, disoriented and stupid and wanting it.

I’m glad she’s dead. She’s the Osama bin Laden of music.



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