Lucy and Charlie

The lamestream media is going balls-to-the-wall to convince people that the Republicans should knuckle under to Huffy Obama.

The polls they report are hilarious lies. Most Americans are on the #fuckyouwashington train. So you can slant the polls to be against whoever you want them to be. Because we hate y’all y’all, and we’re too stupid to go NONE OF THE FUCKING ABOVE when asked pollster questions.

Here’s a couple of good polling questions:

Who would you most like to throw at in dunk tank: Obama, Boehner, Reid, and Pelosi if there were piranha in it. Seriously, If you don’t want to see Pelosi die a painful, bloody death, you’re not a real American.

Who would you most like to see get raped in a prison shower, Obama, Boehner, Reid or Cantor? Who would you most like to see rape your first choice? I pick Geithner.

I have to admit this. Boehner has been canny and has proved he can learn after that buttfucking he got a couple of months ago. Sure, he’s a captive of the system, but I think he wants to be a real live boy someday. I’m kinda liking Boehner, as Borgs go. Check out Jennifer Rubin’s colum in the Washington Post–she lays out the case for Boehner quite persuasively.

What’s happened last time is taxes go into effect now and cuts go into effect after the people who promised to make the cuts have been through another election cycle. Which means the cuts don’t happen.  That’s the bait and switch the Dems did a few months ago. I have the feeling Boehner is really pissed, that he really doesn’t like taking it up the butt. That he was really hornswaggled last time, and he’s learned a few things about the promises of Harry Reid, his Dirty Uncle who snuck into his fiscal bedroom and diddled him.

Here’s what we’re all waiting for:

Charlie Brown is going to run at the football and at the last second he will kick Lucy as hard as he can in the cunt.

Obama is Lucy, in case you’re not really paying attention to my metaphors. Obama’s already acting like he got kicked in the cunt. Which he has. I hope it really, really hurts as much as he’s acting like it does.

Here are the bottom lines, fuck the lying pollsters:

Most American are sick of it. A majority don’t want the debt ceiling raised, period. Most pollsters don’t ask that question. But when they do…

Most Americans hate everyone in Washington. If what’s left of al-Quesadilla managed today to fly planes into the White House and the Capitol while Congress was in session, I’ll bet most of us would say, Dirty job but somebody’s got to do it.

Marie Antoinette didn’t see it coming either.

Republicans have one last chance. So far, they’re taking it. I’m kinda impressed. If this turns out to be Republican Kabuki, I will be very cross.











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