Shared Sacrifice

Every tme I hear Obama say “shared sacrifice” my contempt for him grows another order of magnitude. Right now, my contempt for Obama is greater than the number of hydrogen atoms in the universe. I know it can grow, but not what into what.

I don’t want to sacrifice one more penny. Barack, you and your Island-of-Misfit-Toys not-real-boys have already hoovered out hundreds of thousands of dollars of what I’ve worked hard all my life to save, You’ve turned it into “stimulus” to pay off your government union leeches. I’ve personally kept 7 or 8 of your little stimulated monsters in cableTV and fruit rollups and mortgages they didn’t deserve just this year alone. That’s being conservative.

Go ahead, say shared sacrifice again, motherfucker!

That’s a Pulp Fiction reference.

For legal protection, I’m not threatening to kill Obama. I’m just saying that it’s a pretty good movie scene, and it applies metaphorically.






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