A Temperate Opinion

Yeah, I know, no temperate opinions allowed on this blog.

I’ve been listening to and talking to a lot of people about the debt “compromise” and I’ve heeded no one’s opinion.

This is my gut talking. I have a good friend who’s half llama who thinks my gut is just reflexive Pollyanna thinking. He’s getting ready for economapocalypse. So am I, but as a hedge.

I am in favor of the so-called debt ceiling compromise and I think it was a huge win for people who don’t suck like vampires for a living. Not a stake in the heart, but a win.

I think the mouth-foaming from the left is genuine about this. They are.fucking.panicked. This isn’t a stake in the heart, but it’s garlic.

What happened?

No tax increases. Obama bluffs and blusters again, but he won’t get tax increases.

A poison pill for both sides: Either we get our shit together or we cut defense and discretionary spending. Everyone on the right is on about how defense shouldn’t have been put on the table. Of course, it should have. Liberals are so stupid. They think they’re the majority.  This was brilliant. “Support our troops.” How many of those bumper-stickers have you seen in the last week? Liberals will have to cut and run, as they do on everything, to avoid cutting defense. Call their fucking bluff…that’s the strategy. Worked with President Toonces last week, will work again. CALL THEIR FUCKING BLUFF.

Everyone in the country who votes is now aware of the debt problem. It will take them some time to absorb the information.

The “narrative” has changed. You can’t be taken seriously now if you don’t at least pay lip service to slashing entitlements.

Forget meme-triumph, what just happened was zeitgeist triumph.

Sure, sane people are still in the car. Outside are Cujo-Pelosi/Reid/Obama/Dowd slobbering their rabies all over the windshield. But we just found a gun in the glove compartment. This movie could end differently. We just have to shoot straight.

To the gubmint: I am not advocating actually killing Pelosi/Reid/Obama. One of these days, if I’m really bored, I might kill Maureen Dowd if she’s in the same bathroom as me. I do hope that Pelosi/Reid/Obama will be mobbed one day in their home towns and lynched. I know perfectly well that I shouldn’t say “lynched” or “boy” in the context of talking about a black person.

Oh, so…

I am sick and fucking tired of defending Pat Buchanan. Quit making me do it. When he said the other day that Obama’s your “boy” it was obviously unintentional and not racist, but sports-ist. It was a SPORTS METAPHOR.  Buchanan, obviously, had not racist intent in this case. Doesn’t matter in this poisonous PC climate.

Pat didn’t help by not immediately going “mea culpa, mea saya boya sorrya oopsa” and taking the wind out of Sharpton’s sails. Or by attacking that racist prick Al Sharpton, which I would have recommended.

That race-baiting worthless piece of shit Al Sharpton got all self-righteous in PB’s face about the word “boy” and PB didn’t crumple, it was worse than that. PB got flustered. He laughed nervously. He DIDN’T INTEND TO GIVE OFFENSE, and didn’t know how to deal with it when he realized he had chummed sharky Sharpton. If I ever meet Al Sharpton in person, I will punch him in the face. Not a metaphor, seriously, I will bloody him.

Hey, black people, when white people say something you think is “racist” and we didn’t mean it to be racist, well, you better fucking FORGIVE IT AND GET THE FUCK OVER IT. Or you’ll never be in my house again. Seriously, I’m sick of prickly little bitches, don’t care what color or what sex.

And Al Sharpton can burn in hell, he should be in jail.

UPDATE 2016. If I ever am in a room with Al Sharpton, I promise, I will bloody him. I will get at least several punches into his face before they pull me off of him. That’s a threat, US Gubmint. Go after me for it.


3 Responses to A Temperate Opinion

  1. Llama John says:

    I was just telling our stone-eared friend that I needed to leave a comment on your blog calling you’re an overly optimistic little Pollyanna – so thanks for saving me the work. 🙂

    Here’s the thing, there’s a chance – hell maybe even odds – that you’re right. We might just turn this thing around – it isn’t really that hard to do. If – and this is a really big if – if we have the political will to say “Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security? We aren’t going to pay out because we can’t pay out.” Do we have the will to do that? Maybe, maybe not. But remember – slowly then suddenly. I think we may be past the “slowly” part.

    Despite today’s last minute heroics the stock market has been taking a beating this week. I expect The Ben Bernanke to announce QE3 any day now – and I’m not the only one who thinks that.

    You might be right – ye gods I hope you’re right – I’m just not sure that’s the way to bet. If you would like to bet – I have one ounce of silver that says we have said economapocalypse within five years. Care to take that bet?

  2. Llama John says:

    Good morning Pollyanna!

    Here’s your morning update:

    – The Bank of New York is now charging people who are parking cash in their accounts
    – Italy has stopped trading their bonds
    – Spanish and Portuguese bonds are soaring (the contagion has officially spread)
    – Gold is hitting an all-time high
    – The US stock market is playing limbo (how low can you go!)

    I’ve decided to sweeten my offer. I’m now willing to bet an ounce of gold that we have that economapocalypse within five years. Just let me know if you want to take me up on this.

  3. Scipio says:

    Here’s the most sobering thing I’ve read about all this yet:


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