Cujo is the only movie I have ever walked out of before it finished.

I made a Cujo-reference in my last post. That the US government is a rabid-dog St. Bernard Cujo.

Nancy Pelosi is a botoxed Cujo. Harry Reid is a neutered Cujo. President Toonces is a big-eared Cujo.

I’m not saying I’m going to beat Harry, Nancy and Barry over the head till they die. No way in hell would I do that.  I’m just saying somebody should and they’d get my pay-per-view dollars.

UPDATE: At the end of Cujo the heroine (the mom in ET) clubs Cujo to death. So I’ve been told. I didn’t see the end. I’m not saying somebody should club Toonces and Reid and Pelosi to death, I’m just saying I’d pay to see it. Clear now? In no way am I threatening their lives. And I’m not advocating anyone else should kill them except if they could make it work on Pay-Per-View. Currently, there’s no viable business model for clubbing Toonces, Pelosi and Reid to death. More’s the pity.


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