Black People Are Ridiculous

Yes, I am trying to provoke a race riot. That’s the only good riot Americans can gin up. If there’s not something racist about it, Americans just don’t have the attention span to riot about anything.

The majority of black people in America are good people. But that’s not the point of this post. The point is that as a percentage within their racial group, there are a lot more bad black people than there are bad white people or bad hispanic people.

Young black men commit cirmes at a ridiculous rate. The overwhelming majority of young black women who get knocked up do it with no plan to pay for their brats, except going on Maury or the dole. Except for Eminem, when’s the last time you heard a pop song with “ho” or “cap in yo ass” or “nigger” in it?

Yeah, I know, slavery. That’s why act that way.

It’s been a hundred and fifty years. That excuse smells as dusty as your great-great-great-great grandfather’s corpse. Quit waving his corpse around as a reason you can’t behave like an average human being.

If you’re black and you live in America and you suck it’s on you.

At the Wisconsin State Fair, black boys once again covered themselves in glory.

In Philadelphia, the Nutter black Mayor is now running for cover after the shit you black boys just pulled.

Yeah, I said boys. That’s so racist.  Would you feel better if I said animals (which is what those black boys acted like)?

Here’s my theory:

Black people, putative pets of white Liberals, prove that nobody should let a white Liberal pet them.

Blacks in America have been domesticated. Sure, they snarl. That doesn’t mean they haven’t been domesticated. Pit bulls are domesticated too. As long as you don’t bite your owner, you’re domesticated. Hey, black people, here’s what your white liberal owners think: when I walk you, I don’t give 2 shits who you bite. Because I don’t live in your neighborhood anyway.



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