Black People Are Dangerous

Partly because of my last post, my wife and I sat down and YouTubed together. We watched the Nutter video, and downloaded it.

This is the video where Philadelphia mayor Nutter went off on young black men.

I found it odd that the only complete video of Nutter’s “Bill Cosby on PCP” sermon had distorted sound and was way down in the search results.  At the top was a sanitized MSM 2 minute summary. What does that mean?

It probably means I could easily go Glenn Beck batshit crazy with a little push. It really does bug me that this thing is sparse on YouTube. The Nutter sermon is a big moment, however disingenuous it may or may not be. There were 500 copies of Friday on YouTube before you could say Christ, stop, please, stop! Nutter going nuts on the black criminal community, not so much.

So I recorded the Nutter thing, to keep it from going down the memory hole, like I recorded Friday after that girl got sued by the douchebags who took her mom’s money.

ReplayAV–buy it, learn it, love it–it saves almost anything that Our Internet Overlords don’t want you to save.

Then me and the missus found multiple “flash rob” videos. Dozens of black people converging, via cellphone alerting, on hapless 7-11’s, clothing stores, even beaches. All over America, from Vegas to Minnesota to Tennessee. And in Brazil too, where it looked like Piranha, except you had to go into the water to be safe. Nice job representing, black people.

To be fair, I saw one white girl in one mob, and 3 Hispanics. Still, 99% black.

We watched this one crazy bitch on a bus who was beating on her brat call in her homeboys at the next stop and got them to strafe the bus with automatic weapons because someone on the bus objected to her parental incompetence. That happened, on video, a few weeks ago, I think in PA. I downloaded that in case it disappears too. The guy who objected to her beating on her brat was black, and she said something like “get that nigger!” when her homeys showed up.

If it weren’t for her fat butt getting stuck getting out of the bus, a lot of people might have died. As it was, her homeys couldn’t board the bus and shot high and got only windows, not passengers. That’s their legal defense now: we were too incompetent to actually hit anybody despite firing about 100 rounds into a city bus. So obviously these guys were about as serious about killing people as about ever getting a fucking job. Nice job representing, black people.

Mayor Nutter read a prepared speech scolding young black men, way too mildly. He talked about “nonsense.” And stop being idiots. If Nutter were white, he’d have said “shenanigans.”

He talked about mobs of black people robbing and bashing people’s heads in and strafing city busses with machine guns like all they were doing was baseball-batting mailboxes and TP’ing Nutter’s mansion. He told young black men to pull their pants up and act civilized and to quit scaring the shit out of innocent nice white people. A dollar late and a day too short for a mayor whose policies have not just encouraged but created a vacuum for shit like this to rush in.

Still, I welcome the rhetoric, like I welcome PM Cameron’s reaction to the British mobs (whose worst miscreants and instigators have been Caribbean black immigrants). For the first time in ever the morally destructive opprobrium of the welfare state on its clients is being widely acknowledged. In England and in the former colonies.

When intelligent white people start talking about how full of shit black people are, we’re supposed to demonstrate that we’re not racists by blaming white liberals for turning black people into assholes.

I actually think black people are fully morally responsible equal human beings. I’m not a white liberal so I don’t think blacks are in the societal Special Olympics. I know lots of black people who are great people. Because they embrace white values. Uh oh. Yeah, I did just say that.

Nobody calls productivity, responsibility, hard work and the like “white values” except lazy people who dream about being slaves who don’t have to do chores.

You black people need to think hard about what it is about you that makes you so attractive and so willing to be the bitches of white liberals. I really don’t know what that is. Not my problem. You figure it the fuck out.

Black people in America are way more likely to be criminals and promiscuous irresponsible bastard-makers than people of different pigmentations.

Accident or coincidence?

I don’t give a shit. Correlation is enough for me to cross the street.

I want to thank all you hundreds to thousands (listen to Nutter’s speech–he said thousands) of black flash robbers, and the three non-black flash robbers caught on video.

I’m finally going to get off my lazy, busy ass and spend about 3 grand on getting my wife and me outfitted with guns fit for concealed carry, not just home defense, along with training (not just safety, but marksmanship training). And if a gang of people tries to flash-rob us, we’re going to shoot black people. To kill. Because it is highly unlikely there will be any white people around to shoot during that event. We’d shoot them too. If you’re being black and you think I’m being racist, then go out and get some white people to flash-rob.

Or, you could go out and get more black people to get jobs and stop being violent assholes and learn fractions and how to swim.

Because, let’s face it, black people compared to all other people suck at getting jobs and learning fractions and swimming. And they suck at not committing crimes and getting married before getting knocked up. Or you could say American blacks excel at committing crimes and getting pregnant, like orders of magnitude better than the rest of us. Spin it any way you want to.


How about if the majority of black people start doing the hard stuff that is the fabric of citizenship and productivity and white people are surprised when the majority of black people don’t succeed instead of surprised when they do?

At this point, in America, black failure is all on black people. Blaming white liberals for black failure is like a guy who’s 30 still blaming his indulgent co-dependent parents because he still can’t set his own alarm clock.

Get your shit together, you narcissistic black brats.

UPDATE 2016. I double down on this. I forgot I thought this way so presciently.  Black people really are mostly ridiculous. Criminals, whiners, rioters, baby-mommas and baby-daddies. Their heroes are dead criminals, not just rappers now, but real criminals like Trayvon Martin and that fat thug who got put down in Ferguson. If Black Lives Matter, why don’t you black activist/rioters/assholes start acting like it?


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