Food Deserts

I live in a food desert.

The stupid fucking gubmint has started defining “food deserts” as places in America where there isn’t a supermarket in a mile radius.

Average house prices in my neighborhood approached half a million dollars before Democrats fucked up the housing market. Most people in my neighborhood are now close to upside-down and we’ve given back a couple of hundred thousand dollars of equity in the last couple of years.

But we live in a “food desert.” Created by zoning,.

This is what happens when gubmint agencies start scratching and clawing to survive from doing NOTHING.

The “food desert” propaganda is about to ratchet up. Watch it. Learn from it. This is what these motherfuckers do. Generate fake crises from nothing.

Think about it: if you were about to get fired what would you do? If you worked for the gubmint, you’d do ugly shit like this too.


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