2012 Human Referendum

Here’s how Obama gets re-elected:

  • a million government workers get fired and all they can hope for is getting their jobs back
  • Democrats are smart–they know that you spend money on getting out the vote not on persuading people. If you’re not already persuaded, you’re not a Democrat.
  • Republicans spend their money on persuasion, trying to win the “center.”

This is a 50/50 country: those who depend on government for a living and those people those people depend upon. There is no center. Either you are on the side of government and its handouts or you are the target of government and the payer for those handouts. Nothing else will matter to people in the 2012 election.

If you’re on SSI, welfare or otherwise dependent on gubmint, you’d better think hard. You won’t kill the golden goos, you will piss it off. We who pay your bills will not go quietly into that good night. We will stop paying, many of us will get most of what we’ve worked for all our lives wiped out, and we will survive and thrive.

Many of us have been poor. Returning to poverty doesn’t scare me. It pisses me off.

Unlike the perpetual poor, the ones that Jesus talked about, I didn’t get government checks and spend them on iPods when I was poor. Instead I got shitty jobs and worked my way up and out, spurning the gubmint goodies dangled in front of me.

If I lost everything I’ve earned all my life, it would be the second time I had to dig my way up from poverty. This is your first time at the rodeo, you new iPod-sporting faux poor.

Kiss my ass or die. If the Democrats win this next election, they’ll build a wall around Martha’s Vineyard and leave you outside. Good luck, grasshoppers.


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