Renewing my car registration in Washington State

When I moved here, it cost me $400 to register an old Subaru.

Taxpayers revolted soon after, led by Tim Eyman, the king of sticking it to gubmint via referendum. He makes Howard whatsisname and Prop 13 look like amateurs.

Washington state gubmint, forced by Eyman, cut car fees 90%. Now they’ve doubled fees recently, and I’m getting charged more to pay for busses. Their ugly Gregoire camel-noses are back under the tent.

Gubmint is the only business that when times get hard raises its prices and folds its arms and says Fuck You. Pay Me.

I just had to pay $15 to get emissions inspected. Actually, that was about $100 considering what I earn an hour and having to drive to BFE to an emissions station during the work day.

I just paid $200 for NOTHING. Yeah, my car passes emissions without you having to press on the accelerator because EVERYONE’S DOES, YOU STUPID FUCKING ASSHOLES, except the guy next to me who had his mirror held on with duct tape AND HE PASSED TOO EVENTUALLY. There is no goddamn reason to inspect any car less than 20 years old for emissions. Who cares if some fail? 99% pass. The ones that fail are no big deal.

The only reason I go through this is because you want MY MONEY. And you will give me a chickenshit ticket if I don’t give you MY MONEY.

I work too much and I have a house and I don’t do anything to make society worse, and so I’m your easy victim. I’m stationary and busy. I’ll pay you to go away and let me get back to work. I wish I could do the same at work. There are lots of people I would easily pay $20 just to shut up and go away every day.

I get no benefit from registering my car except keeping the cops working for quota from using me as a checkmark. Yeah, I know there are no quotas. Thin fucking blue liars. The primary business of the police in every city in America is squeezing money out of the middle class.

Everything I do every day keeps this society running. But I’m harrassed, annoyed, taxed, fee-ed, fucked with frequently because people like me are only ones it’s worth it to harass, annoy, tax, fee and fuck with.

The system preys on the law-abiding. I just pay and move on, like a guy who runs a bakery in a Mafia neighborhood. I have bread to bake. I don’t have time to argue with the Guidos.

Here’s why everyone in the establishment hates the Tea Party: It’s made up of people like me who are about to change our behavior if you don’t FUCKING KNOCK IT THE FUCK OFF. We’re smarter, stronger, faster, busier than you are.  Maybe it’s because we’re all racists that we’re better than you.

The only thing you liberal douchebags have on your side is that you’ve been better organized because we’ve been too busy working to organize. Now you’ve overreached, and you’re about to learn we’re not only better at everything else than you are, we’re better at organizing. That’s why you hiss at the Tea Party so much: you thought you had the monopoly on foot soldiers.

We get shit done, and if we decide to stop taking your shit, your shit will be done, get it?

There is no difference between watching an episode of The Sopranos where the guidos sit on lawn chairs at a construction site drawing full pay, and watching Obama stimulus green job shovel-oops-haha-not-ready featherbedding.

Everyone knows it’s the same racket, except Michelle Antoinette and her consort, President Toonces, and his minions who preserve their deniability as Job #1.

This bullshit about “I work hard so you don’t have to” is about to end.




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