New Category

I’m not sure what to call this category. It’s going to be about the horrible way women are portrayed in most advertising.

Like my TTT (Today in Tiny Totalitarianism) category, I want to start cataloging the crazy shit going on every day before I forget about it. Robert Heinlein used to do this, filing stuff under “The Silly Season.” It’s not a season anymore.

Usually, men’s rights guys (I use that term loosely) bitch about TV ads by saying that men, especially family men, are portrayed as bumbling doofuses.

I’m going to go to the distaff side and point out that for every doofus there’s a shrew. Feminists should be the ones howling about sexism in advertising, not men’s rights pussies.

Feminists say nothing about this kind of advertising, like they say nothing about how Muslims abuse women. I’m not saying that they are silent on both issues from the same motivation.  But it’s similar. Feminists say nothing about Muslims abusing women because feminists are upper-class Western hypocrites who care much more about their alimony than some brown chick getting her clit cut off. Clitless women are invisible to them. Feminists say nothing about advertising that portrays women as shrews because they swim in it. The shrewishness is invisible to American feminists because the ads are a mirror that they think they look pretty in.

I think I’ll call this new category Shrewd.

Microsoft has been running these ads where a shrew refuses to upgrade her PC, till her PC-whipped boyfriend gets the Microsoft guys to outfit her living room as a PC store. When the shrew comes home, she’s pissy and obnoxious and overrides her doofus boyfriend’s choice to “get her way” and he ends the ad with a shit-eating grin. If this weren’t an ad, you know he’d have paid for that laptop that she wanted and he didn’t.

I saw a third Microsoft ad tonight where the woman wasn’t a shrew. Because there was no man in the ad. I guess her book club girl friends must have set up the PC Punked moment for her.

But that’s not what triggered this post, at least not proximately.

Here’s an AT&T ad:

Guy is diapering a baby while talking to a friend on his iPhone.

Friend is all on about last night’s game. Whipped guy didn’t see the game. Doesn’t want friend to think he’s a puss. He’s frantically looking up video from last night’s game so he can sound in the know, while diapering the baby.

Point of the ad is that AT&T let’s you get to the web while you’re on the phone, instead of making you pick being on the phone or being on the web.

Shrew wife walks in, catches him multitasking. The look on her face goes past shrew to cunt. He acts like he got caught jerking off on the baby. “I gotta bounce.” Ad ends with him incompetently stuck to the tape on a diaper waving it around trying to get it off his hand.

Unfortunately, it’s not a dirty diaper because he could have whirled it around his head a few times and slingshotted it at her like David killing Cuntliath.

There was no fucking reason for her to be acting pissed, except she’s a bitch. In a world not pandering to crazy feminist cunts, it could have been a cute bonding moment, not an assertion of bitch power.

Which brings me to Amica. They’re an insurance company. They’re doing ads where the chick is the smart one, but she’s cute and flirtatious and not emasculating. She’s smart without being a bitch about it. Nice job. I’ll bet somebody had to fight like hell to get those ads done.

So, here it is, ladies (and I use that term loosely),

Are you ok with being portrayed as horrid bitches in most advertisements? Or is it something you aspire to?


Let me define terms here:

A bitch is a woman whose go-to tactic to get her way is making everyone else fear her moods and frowns.

A cunt is a bitch with no ethics.


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