Do it! Do it! Do it! Now! Now! Now! Or Else! Else! Else!

President Toonces performance in front of a joint session of Congress last Thursday was more appallingly, jaw-droppingly ridiculous than I could have imagined.

So this is what His Petulancy’s Mommy Voice sounds like.

Pass This Bill! he demanded, over and over again.

Nobody on the Republican side in Congress, perhaps nobody in Congress at all, got to see the bill before the hectoring speech. I heard liberal talking heads all weekend defending that because Boehner might have leaked it and ruined the PR spin.

Multiple sources and halting ahems and ahums from the Toonces administration are making it increasingly clear that if there was a bill in existence at the time of the speech, nobody has yet been able to extract it from Toonces’ ass. So much for Now! Now! Now!

On the broad outlines, all reasonable people can agree:

  • Paul Krugman is a fucking asshole who just torched his career with that little piece of self-loathing drunk blogging on 9/11. I wonder if he has a slow-growing brain tumor. I hope so. (Oops! too soon?)
  • If the broad outlines of Obama’s proposals as reported are true, this is more gob-smacking stupidity that has almost nothing to do with jobs, unless by jobs you mean government featherbedding.

There is a poison pill in here, that, if true, is is so poisonous it makes me think that the Toonces Administration’s incompetence is trumped only by its malice:

They want to cut the employee side of the Social Security payroll tax in half while leaving the employer “contribution” at the same level. Based on what theory on what planet where gravity repels objects does this help create jobs?

But that’s not the point of the proposal. The point is to nakedly buy the votes of the lazy, mendacious cunning fucks who infest the below median income demographic of the American economy.

As we all know, none of these ne’er-do-wells (bet you haven’t heard that term in a long time–I said “oodles” today too, just because I feel like restoring archaic terms this week) pay any income taxes. The only taxes that do catch them are cigarette, liquor and social security taxes. Toonces is trying to help them buy more cigarettes and liquor.

On the plus side, I can’t think of a better way of bankrupting social security way earlier than the actuaries have been predicting.

Oh, and bullet point three:

  • This plan proves that not only do Toonces and His Original Cast Of Ayn Rand Villains know worse than nothing about basic economics, but that their fingers are firmly in their ears and their thumbs are in deeply their rears, and they have no intention of learning a goddamn thing. As St. Ayn might ask, what are they counting on?





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