Why do people watch PBS?

I’ve been watching it, somewhat, in the background for the last couple of hours.

It’s pure propaganda.

Just a second ago, I heard on Tavis Smiley Reports that the reason that 10 year old black boys can’t read is because history texts do not “reflect black contributions.”

If there was no color on earth, what color would that be? That’s a clip from some charter school that’s considered a success.

Now we’re going beyond “what test scores can measure…”

Seriously, I’m live-blogging this bullshit.

Ok, I’ve had it. I’m turning on The People’s Court and watching Judge Hottie.

It’s not the facts on PBS–they get them right, more or less. It’s the cadences. It’s the liberal phrases used to excuse failure and evil. It’s a stupid, condescending, self-loathing worldview that lives more in their adjectives than their beliefs:




“narrative” (yeah, these shitheads use that as an adjective now)

Oh, fuck it, I can’t continue.  Go listen to an Obama speech if you want to continue the list.

It’s like one of those paper pads everyone used to have where you’d check off a word in column A and another in column B and come up with some hilarious sentence. What were those called?

Me, I want to punch Dr. Jawanza Kunfuju (no seriously, that’s his name and I want to punch him) for saying “so, literally, a black male boy can never experience a black male teacher.”  This is what PBS interviews as an expert. With solemn piano music.

Every single person who sends money to PBS is a pretentious retard. No smart person can think that PBS is smart. You PBS-tards watch it like most people go to church: you’re so fucking bored when you’re there, but you think it’s going to get you into heaven. I watch PBS because some of it is palatable and because I just got rid of cable TV and I have a huge Windows Media Center hard drive so I can record anything and everything.

I’m going to go watch Judge Cutie on The People’s Court. You liberal retards could learn a lot about the law, about who your fellow citizens are, and about why you shouldn’t feel so fucking sorry for most of them if you’d turn off that PBS shit and watch some reality TV.

Hell, Gilligan’s Island is better than 4 out of 5 shows on PBS.

Ok, done with the invective, let’s get serious:

If you think PBS provides an accurate, useful view of the world, you are a complete and utter victim of special interest propaganda. Really. You’re the kind of moron you accuse people of being who buy Happy Meals for their kids. Only, they’re just feeding their kids, you’re trying to RUN OUR FUCKING LIVES because being in control of us gives you the same kind of boner that normal people get watching their kids have fun eating a Happy Meal and playing with the stupid toy.

PBS is an intellectual Happy Meal.

It’s one thing to be an easily-manipulable consumer and another thing to be an easily-manipulable consumer of fascist ideology. And all American liberals are the latter. That’s why we’re all sick of your bullshit.

Seriously, liberals, grab one more goddamn french fry, see what happens to you.


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