A long time ago, in a state far far away, I was a pirate roofer.

Me and my friends ignored all gubmint regulation, said fuck you to contractors’ licenses, and had no lack of customers.

Occasionally, we’d get chased off roofs by state regularors, but those lazy fucks never followed up. We just kept on keepin’ on.

Here’s what everybody needs to know about government regulation:

It does stifle startups and entrepreneurs. Actually, it smothers. There are people like me who consider it a badge of honor to start illegal businesses but most people aren’t like me. They just give up.

My wife made the mistake of marrying me and moving to a blue state where she had to deal with ridiculous regulation. In her home state, she catered big parties of several hundred people without the government getting involved. In this stupid state, she has to have a separate dedicated kitchen and comply with other ridiculous regulations. So she’s abandoned that business. She does work ad hoc for the giant caterers who cater to the super-wealthy. Nobody caters to the middle class here.

Government regulations are, 99% of the time, about suppressing competition. Get it, you liberal idiots? Probably not.



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