America the Ridiculous

Benjamin Netanyahu and Tony Blair.

What do they have in common? They both have spoken eloquently, forcefully and with no BS about big issues in ways that no American politician has dared since Reagan.

Netanyahu’s speech at the UN this week didn’t quite make me cry.

Your tax dollars are paying for the Iranian moron Achmadinnerplate or whatever his name is to stay in a 5 star hotel a stoning’s throw away from 9-11 Ground Zero. American diplo-mats weakly walked out on this Iranian tool’s speech while paying his minibar tab. We should have grabbed his stinky little ass and demanded that Iran pay 1.5 million dollars for his return, like this little shit just demanded to release the 3 stupid American hikers that he kidnapped.

We have nobody running for President in 2012 who’s even in the same solar system as Tony Blair or Bibi. The Republicans are all retards. Everyone who isn’t an idiot acknowledges that Barack Obama is the Paris Hilton of politics.

The Republican field:

Michelle Bachmann has proven herself to be as dumb as Jim Carrey’s wife. I wish there were no vaccination against lockjaw because maybe then she’d  shut up. I used to be a big fan of Michelle, like I was a fan of Sarah. It will be a long time after this before I support letting women vote, much less letting women hold elective office. Seriously, name one woman since Jean Kirkpatrick who hasn’t turned out to be an idiot in public life.

Romney is the poster child for poster children. He’s the same old same old.

Perry is Romney on PCP.

Herman Cain is a nice guy with his heart in the right place–he’d be a worse president than Obama, if that’s possible. The world is not a pizza joint.

Newt needs to spout ideas and bang his most recent wife, not run for president.

Ron Paul at least knows what he’s about, and it’s not about winning.

Gary Johnson–I’d vote for you, nobody else will.

Rick Santorum – He’s the Summer’s Eve candidate. Everyone thinks he’s a douche.

John Huntsman – who?

Really, Republicans, this is the best you got?



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