A thousand terrorists are worth a single Israeli soldier

I’m going to have to be careful with this post.

I fully support Israel’s moral right to exist. I’m getting pretty sick and tired of Isral not fully supporting its moral right to exist.

Israel just traded letting go a thousand terrorists to get back one hostage soldier. A thousand murdering assholes unleashed on their streets to get back a cute soldier.

It’s weird to call Israelis pussies, but what a pussy move. You let those assholes keep this kid for 5 years and then made a horrible deal.

You should have fired real rockets into Gaza every night till he was released, killing women and children like you kill breeding cockroaches and their offspring.

It’s hard to support Israel’s right to exist when Israelis don’t.

Shame on you Israelis. You let that kid rot for 5 years and then shamefully “rescued” him at the cost of at least dozens, likely hundreds, maybe thousands, of Israeli lives. What the fuck is wrong with you?


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