The Perry Principle

Well, Rick Perry can go fuck himself with a cactus rammed home by an illegal immigrant.

His shameful, pathetic “I accuse Mitt Romney in the Conservatory with a Mexican groundskeeper!” performance last night sealed the lid on his campaign coffin.

Really, let’s rename The Peter Principle to The Perry Principle.

What a giant Texas-sized asshole Perry proved himself to be. He’s all hat. Asshat.

As for the rest of them:

Herman Cain. If he wins the nomination he’ll be our next president. If he wins the nomination, the game has completely changed with0ut the Establishment, as usual, having a clue. President Cain is not an impossibility.

Michelle Bachmann. She’s made herself the Jenny McCarthy of Republican politics.

Rick Santorum. He’s been a punchline forever. Now he’s Rick Perry’s little bitch poodle Romney attack chihuahua.

Ron Paul. Did he even show up?

Newt Gingrich. Shut. The. Fuck. Up.

Did I miss anyone? Does it matter?

This doesn’t mean I won’t vote for anyone who isn’t Obama. But the Republican Crack Suicide Squad is firmly in charge.



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