Morality vs Psychology

I’m watching Dr. Drew’s Lifechangers. Excuse: I’m an Adam Carolla fan, so I notice what Dr. Drew does.

Dr. Drew has a married couple on. She’s banging her ex and he knows it. Knows it like he knows dates, times, airplane tickets. He probably picks her up at the airport afterward. Seriously, that’s how they are.

She’s saying shit to her husband like “I love you but I’m not in love with you.” He’s begging her to stop.

An annoying bitch shrink in a short skirt is talking about “feeling disconnected” as the primary issue.

Dr. Drew comes the closest to drawing a moral conclusion, but skulks away at the last second, saying to this horrible slut, “My audience wants to reach across the couch and shake you–so let’s quickly have that conversation and get back to where we go.” Fuck you, Drew.

Oh, and there’s a 6 year old kid.

Oh, and they bring out the boyfriend on the show. Who says he’s trying to do it right, but the bitch won’t let him. She sits and preens, as well she should.

How many levels of wrong are going on here all at once? Wait it gets better.

Husband “confronts” boyfriend. Husband’s main claim is that his whorrible-wife once told him her boyfriend punched her once and that’s why they broke up. I hope that’s true. That he punched her. More than once. I don’t give a shit why they broke up. Anyhow, she’s denying the punching now too.

Crazed little black dress psychology bitch therapist starts saying “Fault! Fault! Fault!”

Ok, I’m done live-blogging the Dr. Drew Show.

This kind of “tangled” shit is really easy to resolve if you have moral principles or honor or bottom lines or whatever you want to call it that too few people have these days in the USA, meaning lines that you don’t cross and that you don’t let other people cross.

How ironic is it that the only demo in America that still effectively polices such lines is large black women.

Here are some bright lines that just came to me based on the bullshit I’m watching:

  • If your wife is fucking her ex-boyfriend, don’t take her to the airport. Or pick her up.
  • Large black women have more testosterone than most men.

I had several other bullet points but prudently deleted them.

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