I’m a Racist, oh – ey – oh – ey -oh

November 24, 2011

Black people are, compared to everyone else in America, absurdly lazy, criminal and promiscuous.

The only issue anyone still disagrees about is whose fault it is that black people suck so much.

Liberal America says that the reason black people suck is because white people suck at making black people not suck.

I agree with liberal America on that. White liberals have behaved like horrible spoiling parents–black people wouldn’t suck were it not for white liberals.

The Jews should thank God that white liberals are anti-Semitic. The best thing that can happen to you ethnic-groupically is that you aren’t on the white liberal “helping” radar.

I think it would take about 5 years for blacks to swim to shore if freed from white liberal galley-slave chains. But that ain’t happening. Instead, we’ll just keep putting black men in jail after they knock up black women they’ll never see again whose children they’ll never see again. Caused by white liberals who will never see the black people they’re ruining, not even once, much less again.



The Grich who thought every day was Christmas

November 20, 2011

Newt Gingrich is catching a lot of shit for getting paid 1.8 million dollars consulting for Freddie Mac and Fannie Fuck and whoever– basically any party where Barney Frank was getting laid, Newt was getting paid.

Gingrich’s responses to questions about this blatant hypocrisy have been legalistic and disingenuous, again and again. This isn’t getting caught flat-footed, this is rehearsed and evil.

There’s nothing Newt can say after this that will make me forgive him. He’s guilty as hell. He cares about libertarian/conservative/constitutional principles as much as Barack Obama cares about social justice. It’s shtick.

Newt is no different than the rest of the corrupt fucks in Washington who play the game of waiting till they’re out of office to reap the rewards of special interest dick-sucking. Newt sucked down and swallowed nearly $2 million in taxpayer dollars and he’s saying, well, I wasn’t in government office when I swallowed. But we all know how this works, though shitheads like Newt think we don’t.

Our elected representatives make an end-run around anti-corruption statutes by waiting till they retire for their really big paydays. Like Bill Clinton did, getting multi-million payoffs from the Saudis for “speaking engagements.” Republican, Democrat, it doesn’t matter. All of them are offered millions of dollars after they are in the safe harbor of retirement for giving secret favors to special interests, most of them foreign.

Newt Gingrich is a whore who’s made millions and millions of dollars off his so-called “public service.” He’s nothing special. He’s not even a particularly competent whore. Bill Clinton, now there’s a great whore.

Gingrich isn’t just a whore. He’s a con man. Right here in River City. If you can’t smell the Washington stink on Gingrich, then you shouldn’t bitch about people who can’t tell that Obama’s a phony.

First they came for the Wikileaks freak…

November 19, 2011

SOPA is a new bill wending its way through Congress which will give Sony, Warner Borers, and Hollywood in general the ability to summarily shut down any web sit that annoys them. If SOPA passe3s, an offending site must be erased from DNS and if it gets credit card payments, the major card corps must stop processing the payments. You have 5 days to resist a SOPA death penalty. Which means that any well-connected, lawyered-up bastard can fuck with the little guys at will.

This stupid shit is likely not going to pass, perhaps due entirely to tumblr, which gave all their bloggers a taste of what enforcement would look like and caused 100,000 enraged howls to be unleashed on Congress. These Congressional dumbasses are so stupid that they don’t know that 100,000 is nothing in internet numbers. 18 million people watched the Jimmy Kimmel Halloween “mom and dad ate your candy” videos.

Anyhow, here’s what you need to know about SOPA:.

SOPA is about codifying into law what they did to shut down Wikileaks. It worked on Wikileaks. The government rained down threats of death and destruction on VISA and Mastercard, and that pretty much cut off Wikileaks oxygen. Now, they’re proposing to use that weapon on you, whenever you do something they don’t like. If you sell T-shirts on the web that annoy Disney, bang, you’re dead. If you have a controversial web site, even if you don’t take credit cards, bang, nobody can find you unless they know your IP address.

Of course, the Internet will circumvent this kind of stupid totalitarian bullshit. Doesn’t mean we shouldn’t resist the totalitarian impulse in our stupid elected officials and make them feel our wrath. Shame them!

Lamar Smith, a Republican congresscritter from Texas, who obviously has zero tech smarts, but is a bitch of Hollywood, started this. Tell him to shut the fuck up about technology.


Lamar Smith won’t let anyone send him an email via his web site unless they put in a Zip+4 that maps to his district.

Well, then, Lamar, maybe you shouldn’t introduce bills on global technological issues that you don’t understand if you don’t want to hear from people who don’t live in your district.

Obviously, Lamar Smith is a flaming turd on the porch of American politics.

So here’s his website:


and here’s a zip+4 code that will get you past his la-la-la I can’t hear you bullshit.


Took me under 5 minutes to find that, Lamar, you retard.

Investing in Debt

November 19, 2011

I was just reading the esr blog. There’s a wacko libertarian commenter who’s nom de guerre is shelby. He reminds me of many of the libertarian activists I used to hang out with. Wicked smart, but approaching the world like it’s a game they are in charge of designing.

Shelby said something that really made me think, paraphrasing and condensing:

All the institutional economic evils of the world are built on consumption debt. Take a minute and let this thought sink in.

This means your VISA bill, your mortgage (which is dressed up to pretend like it’s an investment), car loans and the social security “trust fund.”

The only people who should have debt are people trying to start or grow a buinsess.

Debt used to finance consumption is what makes fractional reserve banking necessary, along with a host of other evils that are hard to keep in their boxes.

I think Shelby has a great point, a la Glengarry Glen Ross: Debt, like coffee, should be for closers, not consumers.

I’m still mulling this over, but I’m starting to think that:

  • In terms of how much you contribute to the moral and economic decay of civilization, there’s no difference between a $300K mortgage and a $300K VISA bill. Actually, the mortgage might be worse.
  • Stealing is better than borrowing, if you’re that close to the line. I’ll call this the Jean Valjean Principle. At least stealing takes thought, effort and risk. Criminals can be reformed, welfare moms and welfare kids, not so much.

If you have debt related to consumption, including your house, your car, your Xmas gifts, you are not only being a dumbass, you are contributing more to the ultimate moral destruction of Western society than Snookie. The only excuse for having debt is if you are starting or growing a business.

At least my ass isn’t as big as Snookie’s.

Camp Creepy

November 17, 2011

Here’s something that I haven’t heard anyone else talk about with the Occupy smelly hippies.

I’m sure someone else has talked about this, I just haven’t heard it.

Over and over again, they have these weird call and response chants with the response chant being the same as the call. Some Occupy leader gets to a place where it can get media attention and then starts with this kind of shit:

Leader: What do we want?

Crowd: What do we want?

In other protests, it would go like this:

Leader: What do we want?

Crowd: Justice! Candy! Money!

Leader: When do we want it?

Crowd: Now! Before rent’s due! Halloween!

The Occup-ards just repeat the thing their leader de jure says to them. There’s no interplay or script there’s just a slavish obedient echo. Literal echos. It’s. fucking. Creepy. You say exactly what the guy with the bullhorn said.

Reminds me of The Life of Brian, when Brian was trying to get the crowd to leave him alone. No matter what he said, they repeated it, not quite as slavishly as the Occupards, but still pretty bad.

Brian: Fuck Off!

Crowd: How shall we fuck off, O Lord?

Brian: You’re all individuals! You don’t have to follow anybody!

Crowd: Yes, we’re all individuals!

(lone voice in the crowd: “I’m not.”)

I have zero sympathy for anyone who has had any sympathy for the Occupy movement. If you gave aid and comfort, on any level, to those fucktards, you are a moron, a simp, a mark, a bitch, a punk and the reason Western civilization is in peril. Your bullshit detector has been disabled. Put new batteries in, you fuckwad.






Libya? Dubya? What?

November 16, 2011

Herman Cain was obviously exhausted, his head spinning (he said so) when asked the Libya question.

Next to Barack Obama, Cain is probably the most ignorant major party candidate ever when it comes to foreign policy.

All you assholes ridiculing Cain, let’s look at the exhaustion factor. Cancer survivor, not little c cancer, big fucking C cancer, 30% chance survival. Cut him no slack for getting tired, so tired he was obviously punch-drunk. Hell, he was Paula Abdul-drunk.

If you bring the right facts to Cain about an issue, he’ll make the decision from right values. Obama will lick boots and fuck up no matter what he knows.

Let Cain get some sleep.

On the worst, most sleep-deprived day of his life Herman Cain is a better man, a better decision-maker, than Barack Obama.



Attack the Block

November 12, 2011

This is supposed to be an indie Brit version of Super 8.

It’s not.

First, it just sucks and is stupid except for about 3 funny lines.

Second, it starts with a bunch (I won’t dignify them by calling them a gang) of teenage shits mugging a nurse who throws in with them at the end to go all kumbayah againt the weakest evil aliens ever in a movie. Werewolves with dachsund viciousness and with glowsticks in their mouths so you can see them coming from the rave down the street half a mile away.

The aliens spend half the movie trying to get some dumbass out of a dumpster who won’t quit answering his cell phone and attracting them. The aliens never figure out how to lift the lid. They just crash into the dumpster over and over. Seriously, this movie is exactly that fucking stupid. It’s what happens when socialism meets Steven Spielberg.

What I liked about this movie was the taken for granted Clockwork Orange everyday lives part. Bloodthirsty aliens taking over London was an improvement, as everyone in the movie said 3 or 4 times. Trenchant. Social. Commentary. And this was the first time I’d ever heard a British accent make people sound even more dumb. Quite an accomplishment, that.

So, if you like a movie where special effects are like the Night Stalker TV show, and you can’t understand most of the dialogue and it just kind of meanders off at the end, awesome movie.