Bomb Palestinian Kindergartens

Tonight, we had a good friend over and I was rude and I yelled at her. I wish I’d been rudier and yellier.

She’s a “good” liberal. And a moral retard.

I don’t know whether her moral retardation should be more attributed to her being female or being liberal.

She was doing the moral equivalance thing about Arabs and Jews.

I raised the issue about how many times Jews had deliberately targeted and murdered little Palestinian kids and their moms. Like zero.

She had some bullshit jawdropping are you fucking serious argument about how the Israeli army does the same thing. And she tried to defend blowing up bombs in pizza parlors in Tel Aviv as justified. That’s when I went off.

My wife was appalled that I went off. This is why women shouldn’t have ever been given the vote.

Seriously, my wife votes like a retard, when she bothers to vote, which is seldom, thank god.


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