Uncle Toms Are Niggers Too

The race card is only played by black activists and their lily-white fellow travelers. Everyone else has decent shame about trying such a jejune trick.

In any rational world, a black person calling another black person an Uncle Tom would be more outside the pale than a white person calling a black person a nigger.

Think about it.

How ugly is it for a white person to call another white person a “race traitor” for defending black people? At least as ugly as black people calling someone an Uncle Tom for not staying on the Jesse Jackson/Al Sharpton plantation.

Nigger is a privileged word: Black comics flaunt it. Powerful whites dare not say it. Saying nigger in front of whites is a submission signal. How oppressed are you if you can say Heel! to your oppressors like that?

Yoda-like, Not submitting anymore to rich nigger-sayers, I am not going to.

So let’s get clear about nigger:

Nigger is just an ordinary swear word, if not before, starting now. Here are the new rules:

Fuck you every black comic who says nigger 185 times in 45 minutes to be “edgy.” Keep saying it. But from now on, nigger is no better, no worse, no more priviliged than cocksucker or motherfucker.  If you’re a comic, you can say that cocksucker motherfucked my nigger. Or that nigger motherfucked my cocksucker. Or that motherfucker niggered my cocksucker. I get to say it too.

The patent on using the nigger-word as a tool of self-righteousness has expired.

What you can’t do in my new world order  is call a black person an Uncle Tom. Uncle Tom is the new nigger.

I promise, at work, at home, at play next time I hear somebody use the term “Uncle Tom” I will go full-on big black woman in an Oprah audience on that nigger.


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