Evil Women

I’m going to go out on a short limb here and make predictions about 3 cases involving women who are either evil or are victims–the jury is still out on which they are:

  • The parents of 10-month old Lisa Irwin. They didn’t do it. I declare them victims.

Lisa was allegedly abducted while mom was sleeping off some box wine. Mom didn’t do it, unless she rolled over in her sleep and smothered the kid.

I don’t care about all the CSI bullshit and what the cops are saying–cadaver dogs, my ass. Most so-called criminal forensic science has about as much credibility as witch-dunking. Hey, you idiots who made the CSI shows a franchise–even fingerprints aren’t as conclusive as you think they are.

  • The mom in Seattle who claims she ran out of gas, and walked a mile to a gas station with her 4 year old, leaving the 2 year old in the carseat. She killed her kid.

I’ve been saying since Day 1 that she’s the new Susan Smith. Actually, I was saying from Day 1 about Susan Smith that she was the new Susan Smith.

  • The women accusing Herman Cain of sexually harassing them. Perps, every one, to one degree or another.

This stinks worse than the Seattle mom’s story, even without Cryptkeeper Gloria Allred’s bony animated corpse orchestrating it.

First, that Sharon whatsername bitch–I smell Borderline Personality Disorder all over her. People ask, why would she lie? Because she can. Because she can’t help it. Because it gets her craved attention. Because she has some retarded irrational plan in mind. Chaotic women are chaotic.

Even if Cain did what she says, she’s a crazy, hinky bitch. And it wasn’t sexual harassment. It was a clumsy pass. The quid-pro-quo  she’s claiming (“You want a job, don’t you?”) doesn’t even work because she wasn’t working for him. He didn’t ask, “You want to keep your job/get a promotion, don’t you?”

If Cain did that, it’s casting-couch creepy. Hell, it’s Bill Clinton creepy. I like the clarity of this: Either he’s a lying scumbag or the women are.

Cain is being smeared. Except for Miss Crazypants, nobody has yet accused him of anything that’s anything. But the lamestream media is focusing on Crazypants and implying the rest of the harpies have similar stories. Most people don’t pay close attention–this is why smears work.

Ah, but with 5 women accusing him, there must be something there….yeah, a witch hunt.

There are a lot of powerful pussy men with careers similar to Herman Cain’s who are remaining silent even though they’ve been similarly extorted several times also over the years.

Yeah, women do this shit, they do it a lot. This is different from false rape allegations, which we now know happen frequently enough that no rape claim should be accepted without diligent critical scrutiny, especially when those involved knew each other previously. Still, false rape allegations are a minority of the allegations, if a sizeable minority.

I’m pretty damn sure that the majority of claims of sexual harassment are trivial, distorted, conniving and filed by women who are nuts, lazy or out for revenge or financial or personal advantage. Until proven innocent, I consider all claims of sexual harassment to have about the same worth as prison inmates’ claims of innocence.

Sensible women and nearly all men who’ve worked in large organizations know this is true. Few dare say that most women who claim sexual harrassment are batshit crazy or just plain old lying cunts, but we all know it. That’s the real reason Cain hasn’t been tanked in the polls yet, despite the smear campaign.


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