Libya? Dubya? What?

Herman Cain was obviously exhausted, his head spinning (he said so) when asked the Libya question.

Next to Barack Obama, Cain is probably the most ignorant major party candidate ever when it comes to foreign policy.

All you assholes ridiculing Cain, let’s look at the exhaustion factor. Cancer survivor, not little c cancer, big fucking C cancer, 30% chance survival. Cut him no slack for getting tired, so tired he was obviously punch-drunk. Hell, he was Paula Abdul-drunk.

If you bring the right facts to Cain about an issue, he’ll make the decision from right values. Obama will lick boots and fuck up no matter what he knows.

Let Cain get some sleep.

On the worst, most sleep-deprived day of his life Herman Cain is a better man, a better decision-maker, than Barack Obama.



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