First they came for the Wikileaks freak…

SOPA is a new bill wending its way through Congress which will give Sony, Warner Borers, and Hollywood in general the ability to summarily shut down any web sit that annoys them. If SOPA passe3s, an offending site must be erased from DNS and if it gets credit card payments, the major card corps must stop processing the payments. You have 5 days to resist a SOPA death penalty. Which means that any well-connected, lawyered-up bastard can fuck with the little guys at will.

This stupid shit is likely not going to pass, perhaps due entirely to tumblr, which gave all their bloggers a taste of what enforcement would look like and caused 100,000 enraged howls to be unleashed on Congress. These Congressional dumbasses are so stupid that they don’t know that 100,000 is nothing in internet numbers. 18 million people watched the Jimmy Kimmel Halloween “mom and dad ate your candy” videos.

Anyhow, here’s what you need to know about SOPA:.

SOPA is about codifying into law what they did to shut down Wikileaks. It worked on Wikileaks. The government rained down threats of death and destruction on VISA and Mastercard, and that pretty much cut off Wikileaks oxygen. Now, they’re proposing to use that weapon on you, whenever you do something they don’t like. If you sell T-shirts on the web that annoy Disney, bang, you’re dead. If you have a controversial web site, even if you don’t take credit cards, bang, nobody can find you unless they know your IP address.

Of course, the Internet will circumvent this kind of stupid totalitarian bullshit. Doesn’t mean we shouldn’t resist the totalitarian impulse in our stupid elected officials and make them feel our wrath. Shame them!

Lamar Smith, a Republican congresscritter from Texas, who obviously has zero tech smarts, but is a bitch of Hollywood, started this. Tell him to shut the fuck up about technology.


Lamar Smith won’t let anyone send him an email via his web site unless they put in a Zip+4 that maps to his district.

Well, then, Lamar, maybe you shouldn’t introduce bills on global technological issues that you don’t understand if you don’t want to hear from people who don’t live in your district.

Obviously, Lamar Smith is a flaming turd on the porch of American politics.

So here’s his website:

and here’s a zip+4 code that will get you past his la-la-la I can’t hear you bullshit.


Took me under 5 minutes to find that, Lamar, you retard.


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