The Grich who thought every day was Christmas

Newt Gingrich is catching a lot of shit for getting paid 1.8 million dollars consulting for Freddie Mac and Fannie Fuck and whoever– basically any party where Barney Frank was getting laid, Newt was getting paid.

Gingrich’s responses to questions about this blatant hypocrisy have been legalistic and disingenuous, again and again. This isn’t getting caught flat-footed, this is rehearsed and evil.

There’s nothing Newt can say after this that will make me forgive him. He’s guilty as hell. He cares about libertarian/conservative/constitutional principles as much as Barack Obama cares about social justice. It’s shtick.

Newt is no different than the rest of the corrupt fucks in Washington who play the game of waiting till they’re out of office to reap the rewards of special interest dick-sucking. Newt sucked down and swallowed nearly $2 million in taxpayer dollars and he’s saying, well, I wasn’t in government office when I swallowed. But we all know how this works, though shitheads like Newt think we don’t.

Our elected representatives make an end-run around anti-corruption statutes by waiting till they retire for their really big paydays. Like Bill Clinton did, getting multi-million payoffs from the Saudis for “speaking engagements.” Republican, Democrat, it doesn’t matter. All of them are offered millions of dollars after they are in the safe harbor of retirement for giving secret favors to special interests, most of them foreign.

Newt Gingrich is a whore who’s made millions and millions of dollars off his so-called “public service.” He’s nothing special. He’s not even a particularly competent whore. Bill Clinton, now there’s a great whore.

Gingrich isn’t just a whore. He’s a con man. Right here in River City. If you can’t smell the Washington stink on Gingrich, then you shouldn’t bitch about people who can’t tell that Obama’s a phony.


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