I’m a Racist, oh – ey – oh – ey -oh

Black people are, compared to everyone else in America, absurdly lazy, criminal and promiscuous.

The only issue anyone still disagrees about is whose fault it is that black people suck so much.

Liberal America says that the reason black people suck is because white people suck at making black people not suck.

I agree with liberal America on that. White liberals have behaved like horrible spoiling parents–black people wouldn’t suck were it not for white liberals.

The Jews should thank God that white liberals are anti-Semitic. The best thing that can happen to you ethnic-groupically¬†is that you aren’t on the white liberal “helping” radar.

I think it would take about 5 years for blacks to swim to shore if freed from white liberal galley-slave chains. But that ain’t happening. Instead, we’ll just keep putting black men in jail after they knock up black women they’ll never see again whose children they’ll never see again. Caused by white liberals who will never see the black people they’re ruining, not even once, much less again.



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