Social vs Moral

We had a friend over for dinner a few weeks ago. A single mom, with an awesome single daughter. Daughter wasn’t there. It was adults’ night only. Mom started in on Palestininan Israeli moral equivalence. I lost it. I’d been drinking. I’m glad I’d been drinking or I might not have lost it. I’m so sorry that I don’t tolerate people who don’t get “never again.”

I started with “Are you fucking serious?” Then I escalated. I nuked her from orbit.

She emailed my wife next day, are we done?

Nope, we’re not done. I will not apologize. I have nothing to apologize for. She should apologize, to me and about 6 million other people, but I don’t care if she apologizes.

It’s not like she really hates Jews. She’s just a product of her student loans. The important thing is that she should be worried next time she spews this unreflective anti-Semitic bloodless venom that there might be somebody like me around.

I’ll be baby-sitting her awesome daughter while Mom (unemployed) goes to the Prince concert next week. I will be giving aforesaid awesome daughter a copy of Podkayne of Mars.

I was rude to Mom. Better rude than flippantly despicable. Liberal morons have had way too many free-range priviliges. They don’t expect anyone to tell them to shut the fuck up.

Not all racism is created equal. Anti-semitism is the worst form of racism. Next liberal moron goes off on Israel, whether at work at home or play, I promise to make them sorry and not give a shit about it being a “career-limiting maneuver.”


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