Romney the Randy

There is no Republican still in the presidential sweepstakes worth voting for except Romney.

Every one of the others has beclowned themselves, irredeemably, especially that sack of shit Newt Gingrich. Newt should have that always appended to his name: Newt Gingrich, B.S., SoS.

Here’s what you say to anyone still charmed by the eye of Newt: What he did with Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac isn’t just wrong, it’s repulsive. It’s John Edwards repulsive. Barney Frank gay pimping and housing pimping repulsive. If you can’t give up your thrall to Newt, then shut up about Democrats who cling desperately to their Obama. Newt is the Gollum of the Republicans. If you, as a conservative, still support Newt, you are what’s wrong with this country. You’re cheering for a sports team, not acting like an intelligent citizen.

I’m starting to realize that having too many good arguments is a handicap. You just need one devastating argument, on any issue. Focus on that, ignore the rest. With liberals who are not scared about the deficits, I just say, Do you speak Excel? Are you completely innumerate? Of course, they don’t speak Excel and they are completely innumerate, so it shuts them up.

I could talk a lot more about Newt’s horrible behavior this year, but screw it. If you don’t get that Newt’s a cocksucker from the above, the rest won’t convince you. I hope Newt comes home and blacks your eye, you stupid bitch who just won’t listen.

Conservative and libertarian ideologues hate Mitt. Mostly because they think that character is all about agreeing with them. Let’s get clear: From everything we know, Mitt has character and competence. Everyone, even the Romney haters, would be surprised to find out if it comes out that he’s betrayed his family.  Romney’s started, run and fixed big organizations.

Mitt has fuckbursts.

I have a friend at work who is all calm cool and collected most of the time, but when he gets frustrated, every sentence has some form of the word fuck in it more than any other word.

When Mitt gets set back on his heels and surprised, his bursts of fucking honesty are, every time I’ve seen them, great. He talks about Envy like he’s got an Ayn Rand book at his bedside. He talks about firing people who need to be fired. He defends capitalism, and does it in ways that indicate he gets it. Unguarded Mitt rocks.

No, Mitt ain’t going to stop the crackup of the USA. Nobody can. But he’ll delay it a little and then figure out what next to do.

Competence and organizational expertise in a framework where you have to get people to voluntarily agree with you aren’t value-free virtues. It takes character and it takes a lot of other things. Things Obama obviously lacks. Mitt is not a horrible weasel. Look at his life.

We could do better than Mitt Romney. Uh, no, we can’t.


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