Stealing from future generations

You can’t steal from future generations. For generations, Republicans have been saying Democrats are stealing from future generations, but they’re wrong. And not just because Republicans are pious thieves too.

It might be possible to enslave future generations to make them pay for the stuff that’s been stolen and squandered already. Good luck with that. Future generations are highly unlikely to respect these debts.

I’m going to explain the federal debt and the so-called “unfunded liabilities” of the federal government in a way that you may never have heard before. I bet you won’t forget it.

The US Gubmint is about $15 trillion in debt. Not to future generations. To people who have invested in the US Fedrule Gubmint like I might have invested in Apple or IBM or Enron. Unless the USFG can figure out how to force “future generations” to pay off that debt, those investors will have to deal with the real value of their investments.

Here’s the thing about all those people who’ve invested in the USFG: they believe that the USFG can enslave future generation to pay them back. They invested in the USFG because they thought that even Apple was too risky, since Apple doesn’t have guns to make people buy iPads.

So, to all you investors in the USFG: I say FUCK YOU! How dare you count on the USFG pointing a gun at the heads of my children to make them pay you back because you’re too chickenshit to invest in real businesses?

Here’s what’s really going to happen: Future generations are not going to pay back the USFG debt. Current creditors of the USFG are going to get wiped out. The USFG is not a perpetual motion machine. Naive people who thought it was will be wiped out.

Here’s the real Hurt Locker: All those Chinese families who work every one of them 12 to 15 hours a day and have sent their “surplus labor” to fat American fucks who work for the USFG, sure that they’d get paid back because America isn’t near as horrible and corrupt as China. Which it isn’t. Which isn’t saying much. Those people are going to get wiped out.

A lot of people are talking about the “unfunded liabilities” of the USFG at being over $100 trillion as if that’s meaningful. It’s not. It’s like someone who makes $40,000 a year promising to pay to send his 20 kids to Harvard, somehow. It’s bullshit. The promises will be broken.

There is no scenario where the USFG doesn’t lose most of its authority, credibility and doesn’t ruin everyone who believed in it.

The times, they are a’ changin’ and not just in hippie dippie ways.

We’re not going to save Medicare.

We’re not going to save Social Security.

We’re going to let them slam into the wall hard.

Profit off collecting the shrapnel!


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