The Apology Tour Continues

Today, President Toonces, in what is perhaps the most cowardly, despicable act of his career (at least publicly) sent a written apology to the Korrupt Krazy Kunt Karzai in Afghanistan to try to appease members of the Koranic Krazy Kult for us “accidentally” burning some Korans along with other trash.

Afghan Muslim street trash, as eager to take offense as Toonces is to take blame, have been rioting and burning American flags for days now over what would have been a non-issue had we told them to go home or go fuck themselves or we’d napalm the poppy fields.

In other below-the-fold news today, two US troops were murdered by the rioters, who have yet to offer an apology.

Obama is neither Muslim nor Christian. He is Dhimmi. And I use the word “He” loosely.


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