I’m rooting for the Syrian dictator

This whole Syria thing reminds me of this year’s Superbowl.

Every team I liked or could even tolerate got eliminated leaving it to the Jets and the Pats.

I decided to root for the Pats, because the Jets have too many Mormons and my wife says they’re a bunch of thugs.

Everyone in the world, except me, is rooting for the Syrian rebels. I don’t much care who wins, as long as a lot of Syrians get killed in the fighting and don’t reproduce. Jets vs Pats.

The “Syrian People” vs the “Syrian Government.” Every liberal idiot reflexively sides with the “People” against the “Government” like they used to side with “People’s Republics.”

I’ve seen no evidence that the “Syrian People” are more morally advanced than the “Syrian Government.”

Post-Khaddaffy, the Duck-man looks pretty good, compared to the “People.” Post-Mubarek, the brutal dictatorship looks pretty good next to the Road Warrior barbarians who are the majority of the Egyptian “People.” Syria will be different why?

Reminds me of the Monty Python skit from Life of Brian, where Jewish popular revolutionary types were bitching about the Romans until someone said something like, Well, they do know how to keep order. And someone else said, Let’s face it, who else could in a place like this?

The only thing worse than the typical middle east Muslim dictator is the typical middle east Muslim citizen. I use the word citizen very loosely.


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