Lynch Limbaugh

I’m sick of people who get offended by Rush Limbaugh.

He has a wry, sly sense of humor.

You may disagree with him, think he’s even more full of it than full of himself, but if you are OFFENDED by Limbaugh, you are a card-carrying douche-nozzle.

Seriously, this is a litmus test. There are no human beings who are OFFENDED by Limbaugh who aren’t DOUCHES.

This week, Limbaugh lampooned this stupid rich girl, this stupid, privileged third year law student at a prestigious university who had the fucking gall (no pun intended) to testify before Congress that ordinary Americans should pay for her birth control pills because she’s TOO FUCKING POOR to pay for her own birth control while getting a free ride on a 50K a year education. This stupid bright welfare-rich bitch was bitching that she wasn’t getting as much welfare as she deserved to launch her 1% career.

Seriously, if she were a baby seal, I’d club her to death.

It’s pretty obvious what Obama’s reelection strategy is: women are stupid and easily stampeded. That will probably work.




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