Trisomy 18

Trisomy 18 is a birth defect also called Edwards Syndrome. Nearly all males born with it die in early childhood. A few females survive to early adulthood, living up to age 30. 90% of children with this die before their first birthday.

Rick Santorum’s “special needs” daughter, the one you’ve heard about him rushing home to…she has Trisomy 18.

The lamestream media hasn’t dared touch this, for the most part, afraid it would turn into a lit M80 in their hands. Till now:

Read the comments and drink deep of the shallow corn syrup that courses through the veins of the commenters. Rate each comment on a scale of 1 to 10 in callousness. And then guess who each commenter is going to vote for in the Fall.

Santorum shouldn’t be president. He won’t be president. He’s a small-town ideologue. We should distrust him because he can’t tell the difference between the importance of contraception and containing Iran. Seriously, I don’t know whether he’ll spend more time sabotaging NARAL or fucking with Ahmadinnajob on his first day in office as president.

Still, I’d be proud to have Santorum as my neighbor. My wife and I (mostly my wife) would babysit Bella.

I disagree with Santorum on all kinds of stuff.

He deserves respect. The contempt that the fag-lobby and the left has shown him paint them like bank robbers get painted with dye packs.

Rick Santorum is a better man than you dye-splattered assholes. You are Stalinist fucks who are ideology uber alles terrorist punks.


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