Mitt Is It

I want Mitt Romney to be the next president of the United States, and not just because I want the Obamas to collect their 99 weeks.

Yesterday, Rick Santorum had a Queer Eye for the Straight Guy-worthy meltdown on the Neil Cavuto show. You can go find the clip on the internet. Seriously, it was so shrill and self-pitying that I thought there might actually be something to the trope that anti-gays are secretly gay.

(By the way, if a presidential candidate were gay, I would take a good long hard look at him (no pun intended) before voting for him. After the obligatory some of my best friends are gay, let me say that gay guys tend to be emotionally labile (no pun intended). I’d definitely vote for a lesbian who won an arm-wrestling contest with Vladimir Putin. So that proves I’m not anti-gay. Am I saying that I think Rick Santorum is unconsciously gay? Sure, what the hell.)

Competence counts.

President Toonces ran on that in 2008. Funny nobody is talking about it now. Obama was supposed to be Spock with distinctive ears. Harvard-trained, big-brained, not the p-whipped little bitch tag-teamed by Valerie and Michelle that he’s turned out to be.

In the oxygen-deprived rarified air of left liberal academic salons, being pretty and articulate substitutes for being smart.

All my life, there’s been a voice in my head repeating the mantra “Beware the articulate incompetent.” From the first time I heard that, I knew it could apply to me. Unfortunately, the voices in Obama’s head are the screeches of Valerie and Michelle. He has no idea he’s an articulate incompetent.

Everybody is mad at the Republicans for benching their stars. Chris Christie, Mitch Daniels, Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio (who is only being mentioned as Veep material because of race).

Every one of the “benched” Republicans has had the decency and humility to admit, more or less openly, that they’re not ready to be POTUS. A man’s gotta know his limitations. So I guess Obama’s not a man.

Competence counts and so does knowing whether you’re ready for the job or not. Being an effective POTUS is not just about ideology. You have to have your shit together about how to run a huge organization of squabbling interests and factions. You have to figure out what’s do-able and what’s not. You have to have a direction, but you have to know that turning a ship is not the same as making a wish. Obama has just yanked hard at the wheel, this direction and that, thinking that turning the ship of state is the same as turning a Yugo, and he doesn’t understand the turbulence he’s created. President Toonces is deeply stupid. Meaning, results don’t figure into his plans. He thinks that perceptions trump results and that people will wait forever for his plans to work.

Mitt Romney is a technocrat. Mitt Romney doesn’t give a shit about abortion, even though he’s a Mormon. Mitt Romney has dealt effectively with sabotaging underlings. Mitt Romney doesn’t give a good goddamn about anything on the religious right’s agenda or the religious left’s agenda. Mitt Romney will not save us.

When we elect him, at least an adult will be flying the plane that has 3 engines out.






One Response to Mitt Is It

  1. Llama John says:

    We aren’t voting our way out of this. We’ve crossed the event horizon. We’re gonna find out how deep this rabbit hole goes.

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