High Tech Lynch Mob

George Zimmerman is a Hispanic guy who shot a black kid named Trayvon Martin.

Zimmerman, a neighborhood watch guy, didn’t like the cut of Martin’s jib when he saw him on the street one night, and ended up shooting Martin. Zimmerman called the cops before he shot Martin. They told Zimmerman to back off, but he didn’t.

Zimmerman claims Martin attacked him. Even if that’s true, it’s not all that good for Zimmerman. By Zimmerman’s own account, he pursued and confronted Martin, and there’s audio of their confrontation. Who knows what Martin thought? He was on foot being followed by a stranger in a car. Maybe he got mouthy. Maybe he provoked a fight because he was annoyed or scared.

There is no way Zimmerman was justified in what he did. It’s a good thing that national attention is focused on this case. Spike Lee has publicly posted Zimmerman’s home address on twitter. Others are calling for Zimmerman to be killed. Black activists and opinion makers are drumming up a lynch mob. You’d think at least Al Sharpton would recuse himself, since he has in the past incited mob violence that got people killed. But no, Al is chasing ambulances as usual.

The police chief has put himself on leave. The Justice Department has taken up the case. Martin’s parents have been on every morning talk show.

It’s pretty obvious that Zimmerman is in deep shit now. There is not a single person of any ethnicity in America saying that this shouldn’t be investigated. Zimmerman is going to go to jail. But the lynch mob mentality keeps amping up.

Black people, you should be ashamed of the douchebags you let speak for you. I mean Spike Lee and Al Sharpton and pretty much every so-called black leader except Bill Cosby. This is no longer about righting an injustice. It’s about taking advantage of an injustice to advance a stupid grievance agenda.

UPDATE: Turns out Trayvon Martin was a little shit, not the clean-cut poster-child his parents are trying to paint him to be. Doesn’t mean that Zimmerman was justified in shooting him, but it looks like Zimmerman’s defense team is going to claim Trayvon got shot while struggling for the gun.

All you Neighborhood Watch guys–get more training and get more common sense while you’re at it. Zimmerman had no business getting out of his car. Had he just stayed in his car, none of this would have happened. If you’re going to carry a gun or if you’re going to deliberately put yourself in harms way by looking for bad guys, I recommend reading Rory Miller’s Facing Violence. Miller talks about the “monkey dance” which the Martin/Zimmerman confrontation obviously was.

Zimmerman’s statement on the 911 tape about him being sick and tired of these goons getting away with this–that’s monkey dance talk. And, yes, what Zimmerman said was “goons” not “coons.” And no, I haven’t heard the tape. And fuck you mainstream media for bleeping the tape and reporting that it may have been a racial epithet. Get. Fucking. Serious.

Which brings me to more unnecessary censorship by the media.

Trayvon was suspended from school at the time he died for getting busted with weed. No big deal, in my libertarian mind. Except that Trayvon had a Twitter acount which proves beyond all doubt that Trayvon was a nasty little shit. I’ll bet his parents didn’t know about the NO_LIMIT_NIGGA nom de douchebag under which Trayvon was tweeting. I feel bad for them finding out like this.

The media isn’t going to report in detail his tweets because the FCC would go apeshit if they did. The Daily Caller has posted his last few months tweets in toto without much comment. I’ll give you the good parts version.

My take:

  • Trayvon wasn’t a gangsta, just a little brat with a chip on his shoulder.
  • He was a pothead and skipped school a lot.
  • He displayed a rap-fueled misogyny that is pretty breathtaking. Forget the other issues raised by this case, this is a clear indictment of the moral rot created by the whiny male rage that is 80% of rap music.

Here are some Trayvon verbatim tweets as NO_LIMIT_NIGGA:

RT @SmokedOutDREAD: Still in Bed, Chilling (heart symbol)

Homeroom= home in my on dam room

RT @x_highlyfavored: – fuck a bitch. any bitch. who you want? take yo pick but you gone have to take yo time.

Lol so daisha think she a bos caus she walkd in class late 2day…… i do dat everyday

RT 2ReesyyLaTootieB: Hahaha Hoe u got USED fa yo loose ass pussy.! Tighten up.! #Literally

RT @fukunurhoexxx: #youthetype of bitch that give up your pussy for free and think its cool #pussyaintfree #fb

Sum stuff u jus gotta tak 2 da grav w/u

2 glock 40’s…. bitch u got 80 problems

RT @myssVonne: #SexualPickUpLines My you have a long tongue.. What do you use it for?

RT @MisunderstoodC_: Get high to balance out the lows

#Nothingfeelsbetterthan SUM FIE HEAD!

RT @The SoleManSB: We in need of some trees… Wea tha weed man.

RT @TheyHATEShAHeED: I hate when i like somebody that dont like me. #Smh

RT @Insanely Dopeex3: Not giving a fuck just makes life less complicated.

Im on top of da world,,2 sec. later im on top of ya girl,, lol rockn ha world

RT@    xMaxDee: I got game for you young hoes, don’t grow to be a dumm hoe.

RT @Bombshelll_: “@La_ VidaBella: I’ll beat the pu**sy up up up up up up up up up up up up up up up…[I’m tired of typing up].

RT @MisunderstoodC_: Me? Putting up w. peoples bullshit for so long ? Not a likely situation.

“@___xMaxDee: I’m a hand full && I know it.”

RT @ TEAMJAYSTARZ__:R E T W E E T if your biggest fear is losing your MOM.

RT @iTeachSEXOLOGY: dick slipping out when you got her in doggy? Either u trying to long stroke wit a short dick or she need to arch tha …

RT @Crystal_TeeXOXO:. . . pay these hoes > NO MIND …. these niggas too .

RT @Mitchell_Garcia: I’ll slap a girl if she said suck my toes wtf, she must be giving some great dome for some shit like that u u u

RT @killah__b: my teacher told me that I was a piece of shit. seen her the other day, driving a piece of shit.

RT @Justme_Lala: #ThickDickThursday #ThickDickThursday #ThickDickThursday #thatisall.

Broke niggaz mak me sick * throw up

RT @scdreAD: Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue, If that Nigga Busy On Valentines Day, Then You Need To Realize The Sideline Is YOU.!!

Ok, I’m done–that’s about half way through. The rest is just more of the same.

Trayvon didn’t have a lot original to say. But all those re-tweets tell you what he thought.

Zimmerman, in the police reports, is listed with a broken nose and blood on the back of his head. Zimmerman’s friends say Trayvon sucker-punched Zimmerman in the face and when Zimmerman was down Martin was pounding Zimmerman’s head against the sidewalk. We’ll never know if Trayvon jumped Zimmerman because he felt threatened or because he felt offended. Or if Trayvon really was trying to kill Zimmerman by banging his head on the concrete. If Trayvon was trying to kill Zimmerman, he wasn’t very effective.

In any case Zimmerman was the adult in the situation. As facts come out, I have more sympathy for Zimmerman than I did originally. He still exercised terrible, stupid judgment. Given the facts as they appear now–that Zimmerman called the cops, that he got out of his car (before or after he called the cops, I don’t know but it was a stupid move), that he annoyed a testosterone-driven teenager with a racial chip on his shoulder, that Zimmerman verbalized the chip on his shoulder to the 911 operators–if I were on the jury, I’d give Zimmerman some jail time, as an object lesson. Assuming the gun went off while they were struggling, this looks like involuntary manslaughter. Ironically, if Zimmerman deliberately shot Martin to keep from having his head bashed into the sidewalk, I’d be more likely to call it self-defense. Bottom line: everybody, let’s try harder to stay out of stupid “monkey dance” situations.



























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  1. scintillatebrightly says:

    The internet is making things scary these days. It really is a different world that we live in.

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    […]High Tech Lynch Mob « Hannibal Lecter’s Evil Twin[…]…

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