Facebook Follies

The media is taking great umbrage right now over job interviewers asking prospects for their Facebook credentials.

The Feds are threatening legislation to prevent this.

Really? Is there nothing we don’t need government to intervene on?

How about saying Fuck you! and posting your interview experience on Facebook. Or starting a Facebook page against the company? Write the CEO. Mailbomb your alumni organization. Contact The Consumerist. Email Glenn Reynolds. Call MSNBC and Fox and the broadcast network morning shows and your local news stations. Write a letter to the editor. Start a boycott website against the company. Picket their offices. Solicit your friends to write outraged letters to the company. Contact their competitors and ask them about their policies. You get the idea. If your first thought was to have the government fix this for you, you are a passive idiot who doesn’t deserve to live in a free society. You are a present danger to the rest of us since you solicit totalitarian intervention in everyone’s life, not just your pathetic excuse for one.

Government should do for the people what they cannot do for themselves, not what they’re too whipped to do for themselves.


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