Dog vs Dog

Mitt Romney’s been taking a lot of crap from the Obama campaign for transporting his Irish setter in a dog carrier on the roof of the car to family vacation sites. Lately, President Toonces has been lampooned by Republicans for eating dog as a kid and having nothing more to say than “tastes like tough chicken.”

Here’s why this isn’t funny. Ok, it’s funny.

The Obama campaign decided to hammer on this to appeal to all the single-issue dog owners out there who think their dogs are “family.” The kind of numbnutz idiots who would have a hard time making a Sophie’s choice between Timmy and Lassie.

There is nothing wrong with putting your dog on top of the car when your car is full of kids instead of leaving your dog in a goddamn kennel for 2 weeks. Hey, liberal assholes who kennel your dogs while you go to Hyanusport, you think a dog left in a kennel for 2 weeks wouldn’t trade places with Mitt’s dog?

Seriously, the Obama campaign has carved out a demographic called “batshit-crazy dog owners” and is trying to appeal to them. Wow. I can’t wait to see the mailings later this year.

On one of the family trips, the Romney dog got diarrhea and shit all over the windows and windshield. Mitt got out, hosed off the windows, and kept going. Now, that’s Presidential.

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