Trayvon Martin vs John Derbyshire

Trayvon Martin is that little 17 year old douchebag who got shot by George Zimmerman, a zealous neighborhood watch guy, a few weeks ago.

Ooh. Wince. I just said Trayvon was a little douchebag.

I’m not saying Martin deserved to get shot. Being a little douchebag is not a capital offense. But all you people going aww! about sweet little six foot tall Trayvon need to get a reality check. The best you can say about Trayvon is that he was an upper middle-class stoner brat who was fucking up in school and buying into mainstream commercial gangsta bullshit and misogyny.

Let’s say I’m Trayvon’s girlfriends’ parents reading Trayvon’s Twitter account. (I published several excerpts from Trayvon’s Twitter, look back.). Let’s say I found out Trayvon was trying to date my daughter and I read his Twitter. I would love to make Trayvon’s mom read the good parts version of his twitter feed on Good Morning America. The FCC would go apeshit. The mainstream media gets to ignore this story because Trayvon’s tweeting is so nasty they can’t read it on the air. Even bleeped.

If there’s only one fact that has come out in this case yet, it is that Trayvon was a douchebag. Maybe he’d have grown out of it, had he not died. But right here, right now, he was a douchebag.

Speaking of douchebags, John Derbyshire is that 66 year old little douchebag who’s been writing for National Review for a few decades. He’s a curmudgeon who thinks that women shouldn’t be allowed to vote and that we aren’t euthanizing enough people. You’d think I’d be a fan, but there’s always been a creepy undercurrent to his writings that’s put me off.

He got fired for a racist rant triggered by Trayvon a few days ago.

Trayvon and Derb are an Odd Couple. Let’s cross the streams and I’ll make my point.

Trayvon is not a martyr. He’s a Darwin Award Winner.

Derbyshire is not a brave speaker-of-truth-to-power about racial issues. He’s a racist.

Derbyshire’s rant was his version of “The Talk,” meaning the talk that good black parents give their kids about how to stay safe in a white-cop world. Derbyshire, in direct response,  imagined out loud the version of The Talk that he’d give to his mixed race (but non-black) kids to keep them safe from black kids. It was the Anti-Talk.

I can quibble, but the majority of what Derbyshire said in his “Talk” was correct, point by point. That’s where most of the debate has stayed–was Derbyshire actually right point for point? That’s the wrong level for thinking about this.

Unless you’re a racist, you have to empathize with every black parent who’s worried that their kid is going to get pulled over for being black and who tells them to be cool and be safe. Derbyshire had zero empathy for those parents. Instead, he took this as opportunity to unleash on blacks in general.

Thought experiment, forget the facts coming out about this case:

The Trayvon Martin case hits the news. You’re at home with your black kids watching it. You’re pissed, you feel a sense of burning injustice, and much more than that, you feel, there but for the grace of God goes my child. You repress your anger, you ignore your politics, and you have The Talk. You tell your kids to live to fight another day. To be aware that you’ll be suspect where white kids won’t. To be Caesar’s Wife. To turn the other cheek.

Why do you deserve to be crapped on by the likes of John Derbyshire? “The Talk” was in no way provocation for Derbyshire’s “Anti-Talk.”

Oh, and, yes, I do know that Derby has cancer. Maybe he wrote that under the influence of drugs. So what? In druggo, veritas.

This is what racism really looks like. Not the cheap shit that Democrats use for political advantage.

It’s when you’re offered an olive branch or a bridge and you slap it away. For cheap political advantage. Shame on you, Derby.


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