Best White Trash Moment Ever

I’m watching The People’s Court. Relatives are suing each other over a car and some tickets and some whatever that happened during planning and executing the memorial service for another dead family member.

The defendant, tattoo-artist on the weekends, truck driver during the week, is making money to get back home by doing “memorial tattoos.” His defense is that he ended up with plaintiff’s car as payment for their memorial tattoos and it’s not his fault that he got pulled over a lot going back to …. wait for it … Florida. She’s pissed about the tickets. I’d be pissed about the tattoos. They look like he drew penises on her foot.

I just told my wife that at my funeral, I want a memorial tattoo booth. I’m not sure what the tattoo is going to look like, but I’m pretty sure it will involve a gravestone and a butt.  Tattoos $250; not getting tattooed, $1000. It’s about time funerals became profit centers for somebody besides funeral directors.

Guess who won? Guess who lost?

Nobody won. We lost. Because these people aren’t extinct.

The plaintiffs won $250 because the tattoo ink is already fading.


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