Pluperfect Narcissism

Well, congrats, President Romney.

Obama’s press conference this morning made me laugh. Nay, chortle.

Obama’s incompetent and his campaign is incompetent because not only are they not living in the real world, they refuse to admit the real world exists.

Had I not saved the economy already, the economy would be even worse…that about sums up the press conference and Obama’s talking points.

Democrats count on their constituents not paying a lot of attention and not having a lot of their limited brainpower devoted to politics.

Obama’s presser today was aimed at people who get economics, who read. Really? You’re appealing to us? How desperate are you?

I was late for work from going, “Are you fucking serious?” while pointing my toothbrush at the TV.

Obama is going to lose in an electoral college landslide. And about 53-46 in the popular vote. I’m being conservative in those estimates.

A lot of people still like Obama. A lot of people still like Snookie and Kim Kardashian. There’s your 46. If you vote for Obama, it’s because there’s something wrong with you. It’s not my job to figure it out, I’m just pointing it out.

I despise Obama and his manly wife. There is something deeply wrong with them both. On paper, they’ve been married once, no sexual scandal (as Lloyd Bentsen would say, he’s no John Kennedy!) and they’re raising their kids just fine. Still, I think this is keeping up appearances. Can’t wait till long after I’m dead and it all comes out. Look, if you can find something deeply creepy about Rick Santorum, who has an even better family resume, why can’t you admit that there might be something creepy going on in the White House?

Here’s why Obama’s toast: The ick factor.

He’s the Michael Jackson of politics. In 1982, Jackson was The Thriller. Then came the Jesus Juice. Obama’s about to find out that all they have at the DNC is Jesus Juice.


UPDATE 2016: How wrong was I about this?


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